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Are you dealing with innovation coming from academia research and high technology commercialization?

You are at the right place.

Hi, I am Marc Perron and I have a passion for creators, inventors, innovators and everything concerning the diffusion and monetization of 'brain juice' in the market.


Since 2008, nearly 100% of my time has covered the section between research invention disclosure to product first sales, especially in technology commercialization, providing assistance in intellectual property protection, technology maturation, product development, startup financing and entrepreneur or startup coaching.


Applications range from EV charging stations, AI for water management to photonics devices, lasers and medical devices. Those projects have generated over $100M in investments over time.

If you are a researcher, an entrepreneur, a product developper or an investor: I can help you reach your business objectives easier and faster! Let's find it out by booking a call with me now!

Marc Perron - startup coach in technology commercialization
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“The most transformative
ideas are emerging out of
research institutions and
the great capital gap is in
getting these ideas out of
the lab and on the path to

Breakthrough Energy Coalition, led by Bill Gates and other investors such as Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg.

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Startup Entrepreneur Coaching

You have so many things to manage at once : process to create, better know the industry... Let me help you to see clear.

Technology Due Diligence

Do you know exactly in what you plan to invest? I will give you an exact technology status and let you make your investment decision based on solid grounds.

All-in-one Technology Commercialization

Nice tech but no entrepreneur or sales person in your team? Let me support you find out how we can bring it to next level!

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Selected Clients



Semiconductor, EDA and IP



Technology Transfer



High Tech Consulting


Canadian Space Agency

R&D Center


Husky Injection Molding



AddÉnergie Technologies

EV Charging Stations

Institut National d'Optique | Canada

Institut National d'Optique

R&D Center




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I had the precious opportunity to receive Marc's help and advises for more than a year now. As a business development advisor at Sovar, Marc has helped us throughout the majority of the development stages of Bliq Photonics. Marc was there from the early beginning to the first sales of our company and also throughout patents negotiation and business strategies. Marc has a very strong sense of business and also has an impressive skill set in negotiation and strategy. I am very proud of all the work Marc and I did together and I'm looking forward to continue working closely with Marc in the future.

Mathieu Champagne - Bliq Photonics

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